5 minutes, 4 steps and "Ok Google turn on the lights"

Step 3: Writing the GPIO Control Command

i cant understand the step 3 of this project

Hi @roshnidash827: Under step 3 of the project, you have to go Bolt Cloud documentation link and create an API command link which you will need for the next step.

You can click here to go to the exact documentation link.

my project is not working

@roshnidash827 Please describe your query in detail. Where exactly are you facing the issue? Which part is not working? What steps have you done so far?

Thanks to all the bolt team for helping me out here…
I have made my projects successfully. The led lights are glowing on my phrase. The cloud account actually helps a lot…!
My first iot project is on the way…


Hi @roshnidash827,

That sounds awesome. We believe it must have been a great experience and you learned a lot of new things after completing the project.

We would like you to share your experience and help other students with any query which you faced by checking this thread once in a while.

yeah, sure. i have a great experience working with cloud. Cloud is all what you study in your books.
but what exactly cloud is you know by this project. do give a try to these projects and experience the pleasure .!