$5 was credited when I created my account on DigitalOcean. Will it be refunded?

Creating an account on DigitalOcean was supposed to be a free thing. But $5 was credited from my credit card. Will it get refunded when I cancel my subscription at the end of 30 days?

As of your case , $5 was credited from your credit card.
The most important things you must know that are shown below -
When we buy something from anywhere as online purchase , So it asks us to choose whether for a month or a year.
But what happens when you are using it less than a month for that reason you have bought it for one month subscription and you want to cancel this subscription under your one month’s subscription without using it till the last month. This means you have bought ten bananas and don’t want to eat more than six bananas from the shop, then what can you do with the remaining six bananas , I mean - Would you like to return it to the shop , then you will have to tell why are you returning these bananas.
But you will be frustrated -
Because it will not refund you just because of above case.
Accordingly with concept of banana,
you will have to ask Digital Ocean Company for this case.
Thank you !

The amount which is been credited from your bank account is for verification purpose which should be reversed back to your account by now. Secondly the free trial of your Digital Ocean Server will expire after 30 days irrespective of the total usage and it will charge money from the card you have registered after the trial automatically.

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@aditianu1998 I would suggest you to get in touch with Digital Ocean support directly.

if we have $45 already in our account then also it will charge money automatically from my feeded debit card??

@suraj47gupta DO will initially charge a small random amount between 1 to 10 USD to verify your payment method. It will be refunded in a few days time.

Once the credits on your DO account are exhausted, then it will start charging your payment method.