A doubt in competition

I do not have a snippet
Can I upload a .py file
I cannot create a snippet as my code is not compatible with js
It needs to run in python

Hi @hemsharan2050,

The Snippet Challenge is conducted for users, who wish to have their code on the code snippet section of the Code Configuration tab.

The Code Configuration tab is used to host a webpage to control their Bolt Products. You can refer to below thread to know more about Code Snippet of Bolt Cloud.

Submission of a python script will not be counted as it cannot be used in the code configuration section.

I understand that but is there any to use pyhton in html code

Python is a programming language meant to be used in a terminal or for high-level programming as an application.

It is used in server-side programming. But without HTML, webpage cannot be created.

I do understand that I am a Python developer but I never try to integrate it into a web page so I am asking is there any way that I can integrate into a website


As I have mentioned, the files that can be submitted has to be HTML(use inline scripts for complete webpage) or JS.

Python language cannot be used to create a webpage on the Bolt Cloud. As the the code tab only supports HTML and JS extension.

If in future there is any competition where python programming can be used, we’ll inform you.

Sure thank you for information