A doubt on digital ocean

what is another alternative for a digital ocean account?
Because I am not having a RUPAY CARD.

You can Download the virtual box and ubuntu server files as shown in the Bolt iot course.Include the ubuntu files in the virtual box.Though it is an alternative of Digital ocean.In virtual box it is free it does not require any debit card.

Hi @satyasrinath7! Another alternative is VmWare, which is also a method to install an Ubuntu server on your computer itself, using the VmWare virtual machine. Also, if you do not have a RuPay card, it may not be an issue, as it was mentioned in the video titled ‘Before we create a DigitalOcean account’, that RuPay cards may not be accepted. Instead, Visa or MasterCard cards are better options. If you have either of them, do try to make an account on DigitalOcean. Let me know if this helps. Best of luck!