About augmented reality course internship completed certificate

I have completed the internship in augmented reality course and i did not receive any certificate from boltiot soo i am requesting for certificate as per the vtu rules from 10th oct to 31st for vtu University marks ,soo help me with this

Hi, @pavisuresh7878 Got it. We have routed this query to the concerned team and you should receive the updated certificate by this coming Monday(28th Nov 2022). Let me know if you do not receive it by Monday end of the day.

Sir I did not receive on Monday till the end try to send it soon i need to show it for University

Maybe you have not attended the test which was given by the team or not submitted your project if you have submitted confirm whether the project has reached them!

Apologies for the delay @pavisuresh7878. the certificate has been shared via email. Please search for the email with the subject line: Feedback on the Assured internship of AR training