About Bolt cloud ,how it is working in background

What tool(or plugin) we are using for writing the html or java script code in bolt cloud and also please explain what happens in background when we click deploy button and view this device.

hi dileep,
i just went through your problem statement and would like to slove it. so basically to write a code in any programming languge we make use of complier , it acts as a tool which converts the specified programming language into machine language (which machines can understand in the form of 1 and 0, like binary codes)thier are various such compilers available online too, you can just surf on google if you want.
And when we click on the deploy button it send a message to the cloud for the current action to take place.so that our data is effectively added on it . it act as a (power button) which is ready to take actions.similary the collected data is allined and put in proper format in view this device so that it becomes easy for us to see and configure our expected output of the particular project. I hope this will help you to clear your doubt.

Thank you samz_00 but I am expecting something different that means when click deploy background some hardware program running what type of code it is and how it happens.

I didn’t get you can you be more specific


When you click the deploy configuration button, the product configuration details are sent to the Bolt cloud. The updated settings are then sent to your Bolt device so that it collects data as per the product configuration.

sir I am asking what code in background used to link the bolt device and deploy button ,view this device ,code terminal.

Hi @deeptanudatta,

Bolt Cloud is a web app build using on python (backend), and HTMl, CSS, Javascript (Frontend) and the communication between Bolt Cloud and Bolt device happens over MQTT protocol.

Check this thread How does this works at the backend

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

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