About Bolt Hotspot

Normally hotspot works to share internet . But my question is how the bolt hotspot works without internet to it.

Hey @saikumartankala123
Hotspot doesn’t mean that every time it shares the internet as sometimes you would have also noticed that the mobile phone do connect each other even if there is no internet in the connecting phone. So hotspot mean just a source which tethers its own frequency which allows to other devices to get connect to it. The hotspot which tethered by the bolt use to connect to availabe wifi in your area to happen this automatocally you would have done this using mobile phone.
Hope this solved your query.

Hotspot is not a wifi router everytime, it works to simply connect two phones for data transfer and in turn share device internet from one phone to another but note that hotspot is bot limited for sharing internet …as an example if you have used shareit app it asks for the sender to turn on its wifi and reciever to turn on its hotspot and pops up a message to turn off mobile data because the other phone may use that…so it uses hotspot only for file/data transfer and a sort of connectivity among them.
Hope it helps!!