About bolt iot certificate

Can i get certificate without exam of course completion

No you will not receive any certificate without giving the exam. You will only get the certificate when your overall score is 50% at least.

NO…you have to make project and answer the forum question that will help to understand the the concept in better way.i suggest you to learn the course ,its very good and interesting.

You need to build a project using bolt iot module. Then complete the documentation work and also record a video of your project for the documentation work.You need to answer 2 bolt forum questions. Also you have to appear for the bolt certification test and get minimum 50% inorder to get the certificate.

Conditions for getting the certificate:
To get the certificate at the end of the training, you will have to do the following tasks:

  1. answer an MCQ test which carries 40% weight
  2. shoot a project video of the final capstone project or any other IoT project that you build with Bolt and share it with us for review which carries 40%
  3. answer any two questions asked by other students on forum.boltiot.com and share the link for the same at the time of submission of the test. This will carry 20% weight.