About bolt module setup

hi…bolt board is not connecting to cloud…pls let me know how to connect to cloud…is out mobile and bolt module should be in same network or what?

the bolt module and the mobile should be connected to same network if you are using wifi to connect to bolt module.

Hi @sprokhade.eng
You should connect your bolt board (device)using bolt iot app
On your mobile and also using the wifi or may be hotspot of some other mobile
This will connect it to your cloud
And device show online

And if you do it for the second time and your device is not showing online on cloud then

Turn on the wifi and hotspot with the help of which you connected first time
I hope its help

thank you its working now

thank for your time…its working now

Use the bolt app to connect the bolt wifi module to the cloud ,follow the steps given in the app accordingly once successfully done the device status will be showed online. Also check,if bolt module is not connecting to the bolt cloud but it is connected to the network then check if your wifi network has Internet connectivity.
Hope it helps!

It Is Better to connect the BOLT-WIFI module and Mobile with same wifi .
and you face some difficulties regarding connecting to cloud using different wifi or internet

Hlo @sprokhade.eng
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Hi @sprokhade.eng ,
You need to use the Bolt mobile app to connect your Bolt to the cloud. Once the Wi-Fi is configured on your Bolt and it is linked to the Bolt cloud, your phone and BOLT can be on different networks, the BOLT module directly communicates to the cloud. Do let me know if you need any other help.

working now…thank you

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@sprokhade.eng Do let me know if you need any other help.