About capstone project

I had an issue on capstone project. I don’t have a refrigerator because I stayed in hostel. Can I select alternate option for this project? Can I make this project at room temperature?

Please solve my query.

It is not compulsory to submit capstone project, you can do any other project.
The capstone project is for self-evaluation.
Have look on hackster.io site for project ideas.

Its not necessary to use refrigerator .u can even make a different in room temperature by putting cold or hot objects near the sensors for some time like for 20-30 I can make a slight differences in temperature and even throw u can collect move and move data for prediction

I’m having the same issue, being in the hostel I have no access to the fridge. What you can do is write program for higher temperatures. Actually that doesn’t really matter because the logic is same only the value or upper and lower bounds will differ.


Capstone project is only for your self evaluation purpose through this training.
Yes you can select any alternate option for this project.
You can also create some other projects using this Bolt IoT wifi module.

Thank You

i faced a similar issue while trying to use a refrigerator as in hostels u cannot get access to refrigerator.what i did was i used to make project using room temperature and when temperature in room changes due to switching fans on and off or some other conditions u can set a particular threshold and provide alert using 3rd party api’s .this capstone project is basically a self evaluation project which means u need not do it according to requirements mentioned u can improvise and do as u wish!!
hope this was helpful !