About Course access code

Where I can find course access code?

my course code on boltiot.com/trainings is showing errors why???

Me too
where i get course access code

please relpy asap

Hello @duttasayan453 your course code is in the box right above the "Take certificate " and "Apply for internship " button . Hope it is useful . and please don’t share your course code and i suggest you to delete the above screenshot to avoid further inconvenience

@indronil65090 could you please share what error exactly you are facing . It will be better if you post the screenshot of the same .

@indronil65090 you can also reach out the support team through mail you have to share the course access code and the screenshot you have received to support@boltiot.com.

course code does not match??
please solve this issue

@duttasayan453 in this case you should reach bolt iot support team through mail by sending the screenshot and the problem .
Mail id :- support@boltiot.com

And please also share your course code in that mail too

sir i am also facing the same issue

@indronil65090 You can also follow this step (send mail to support@boltiot.com along with your course code and the screenshot of your issue )hope it will resolve your issue

@duttasayan453 @indronil65090 Apologies for the delayed response. Please share your email ids. I have taken this to the team and we’ll get back to you shortly.


@indronil65090 @duttasayan453 Apologies for the issue. We have added your access code to the system.