About digital ocean account

Does this mean that I can only use the account for one month? And if I have to take a break from the course during this time period I cannot continue after one month?

is it DIGITAL OCEAN account?

As per BoltIoT (https://trainings.boltiot.com/courses/429176/lectures/6655613) : “Step 3: Choosing a Size
I will suggest you to choose the $5/month plan because it is enough for this training and you already have $10 credited, which you can use for two months.”
In my opinion i think it was old offer . Now they are offering the free credits for only a month. I guess you can only use it a month.
Best option is use server in VirtualBox.

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after successfully creating an account on digital ocean, if i couldn’t able to complete the training within 1 month time, then my DO will charge for it. And if I deactivate the account at the end of the month and again recreate it without any charges by following the same procedure to continue my training. So is there any possibility for the same? or if I am unable to complete my training within 1 month, then DO will charge from me for continuing the training?

if I am already using Linux os , then also I have to create account on digital ocean ?


Look, the Bolt IoT Training and Digital Ocean account has no relation with each other.

You have the training for your lifetime, you can access the training and give your test(only one chance) whenever you wish. The training access has no effect from any third party referrals.

Digital Ocean is not a free platform, to access it you’ll need some amount on the account. That’s why on a referral basis, Bolt IoT has provided with the $100 credit which you can use to create a VM on the Digital Ocean. When you create a VM, you’ll be able to use Linux OS in that VM. Like cloud computing. This credit is redeemable only once on your DO account, and once you have redeemed it, you’ll have only 1 month to use it.

It has NO connection with your training.

So, if you wish to use the ALTERNATIVE, that is Virtual Box or VM Ware, then you NEED NOT worry about the Digital Ocean at all.

And if you are already using Linux OS on your machine, or in any VM, then you don’t have to go through that module itself. Because it was only a step to help you use Linux OS.

Let me know if you have any other queries.

So I don’t need to create account on DO if I am already using Linux OS?


That is correct.

okay Thankyou so much :grinning: