About iot real example

Can You please explain more real Example of IOT??

Internet Of Things(IoT) can be used in every facet of our lives. I think soon it will be used in full force and touch every aspect of our lives. So, some of the real examples are:

  1. IoT based smart water meter: You can manage and track the consumption and usage of the water by IoT enabled smart water meter sensors.
  2. IoT based smart bulb: You can turn on or turn off the light using your smartphone. You can change the color and brightness of the bulb using your smartphone and all this is done by connecting smartphone to the bulb through wifi.

The Internet of Things is actually a pretty simple concept, it means taking all the things in the world and connecting them to the internet. By things i mean all kinds of physical devices, sensors, actuators and so on.
1] In health management: Doctors can monitor patients health conditions through the smart watch worn by the patient(heart beat rate), if any anomaly it will alert the doctor.
2] INDUSTRY 4.0: Every product in a manufacturing industry can be connected to the internet and be constantly monitored, machines can be remotely diagnosed(can control machine in India from Germany also).
3] Smart home: Smart lighting in which light will be turned on or off depending on the light condition inside the house and brightness level will also be adjusted accordingly. Smart thermostat in which the AC or heater will be turned on depending on the temperature inside the house.
4] Logistics: Shipment can be monitored and dynamic routing can also be done and moreover the contents of the shipment cab also be monitored so that proper temperature and pressure can be maintained.
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iot is the smart thing. iot is getting great scop day by day thier are many product of iot and more to come. under iot their are all smart product like controlling ac from your phone when you are outside and when you reach home you want cold environment.

Iot has wide range of applications from basic smart wearable gadgets to advance ML integrated iot devices.For example Biometric scanners ,Autonomous farming etc…

IOT means internet of things means connecting the sensors and devices to internet. By doing so we can solve many of the real life problems which will solve the problem and make the process very simple and fast, like the one I did I used IOT to solve one real life problem for smart parking for that i used a sensor that tells me if the parking lot is vacant or occupied, like this there are many applications of iot in real life.