About LDR , LEDs and other accsesorries linked with the wifi module

As LDR and other LEDs are small products so if it gets damaged then can I buy it from a local shop? If yes then does the LDR or LEDs have any sort of electronic characteristics or specifications that I need to mention when I go for my purchase ?

Hi @rikbasukalna2016, there is no need to mention anything. You can purchase any sensor as long as you know how to interface it with the boltduino or bolt wifi chip. I recently bought 2 IR sensors from flipkart and interfaced them with my project. I didn’t face any problem with that.

Hi @rikbasukalna2016,
Any 1.5V - 3V LEDs should work fine with the BOLT GPIO pins with suitable resistors. Use this calculator to calculate the resistor.

Most LDRs should work just fine as they are essentially just resistors that change their resistance proportional to light intensity.

You can buy any sensor or led as long as you have the knowledge to interface it with the bolt wifi module.LDRs are basically resistors which have varying resistace according to light falling on them.