About Main Project submission

can i do LM35 sensor project which is already done in the course for the certification test project??

I also have the same doubt

Yes you can but I recommend adding your own small twist to it as the project rewards 22 marks.
So please don’t try to just copy paste the code

Hi @duttasayan453,
Please don’t copy and paste the project exactly, use your own creativity. Also, there are extra points for adding a video demonstration. Don’t copy-paste any code, steps, etc from anywhere. Plagiarism will fetch you 0 marks.

Yes, you can. But try something different while using tht cmponent for making a project, as ZERO marks will be awarded if u copy or just submit which you have made during the course.

@anuj.bansal2002 it might not be the case that we give 0 marks for making a very basic project that’s there in the course, but we’ll give minimum marks that are not that good.

But yes if any content is copied from the training or elsewhere we’ll give 0 marks.

Thank you for clearing my doubt.