About novel project

Currently, I’m pursuing a Masters in Nanotechnology at the central university of Gujarat. Doing a master thesis for that,

I have a novel plan of constructing an instrument that will be useful in the synthesis of organic compounds in which I want to monitor, operate and control that with the help of Bolt is it possible??

Yes, It is possible to use BoltIOT,before you begin you need to identify the type of sensors which you are going to use for monitoring synthesis of organic compounds. Also you have to check if the sensor is analog or digital. If you have any moving parts in the product you must have the knowledge in controlling or automating it using a motor or any other device such as solenoid value or pump

But the instrument need more precision and accuracy since it’s a more valuable device I need lab facilities to build that, is the BOLT will provide that?

BoltIOT will only help you in achieving IOT bounded Tasks.Precision and accuracy on performance can be achieved by choosing right controller and supporting devices.