About Project Submission in Final Examination

For final exam there is a project submission.
Can I submit any project which is already in Bolt IoT course (There are already 15 projects)?
May you please clear my doubt?

You can visit the Bolt IoT’s Hackster page to view the projects created by the community and get some inspiration for your project. You can choose to create a project which has already been created by someone else,

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Thank you for your reply but actually I am trying to ask can I choose project which is already in Bolt IoT course?
There are 15 handy projects in this course.

No, you can’t choose the projects which is already in Bolt IoT training course.

@achiketkumar You cannot submit the same projects already given in the course. You can however submit a variation of the project in which you do something differently.

Can I submit the capstone project as my final project or the project mentioned in “The way forward topic” just before the certificate section in the course??

@prgtia Yes, you can submit your Capstone project as the final project for your certification exam, but it is not recommended as it may fetch you low marks.

Yes u can submit any project, for further u can go to hackster link also, it will help for better project guidance!