About project submittion for IoT and ML certification

Can I submit capstone project which is part of IOT and ML training for certification.

No @saikumartankala123 . Only unique project will be accepted. Try to make a new project because 22 marks are for creativity, implementation and originality.

Do submit a new project.

You can do your project using arduino with BOLT IOT. It will be improve your knowledge.


Yes, you can use any capstone project as a part of your certification. Make sure, the documentation of the project is original, and the presentation is good enough.

Any kind of plagiarism will fetch you ZERO marks.

Make sure to go through the points mentioned on Instructions for the project and forum questions | Bolt IoT before moving ahead.

Let me know if you have any other queries.

Hello @saikumartankala123 ,
Yeah you can submit the capstone project as part of your certification but there are few points you have to remember:
1.the project should be original and you should not copy and paste the whole existed document and any kind of plagiarism will fetch you zero marks.
2.Bolt Wifi Module should be included in the project otherwise the project will not be considered.
3.Make sure that u read all the points mentioned in the last module of Bolt IoT and ML Training Course regarding submission of project before the selection and preparation of your project.

Sorry, what do you mean by any capstone project as the IOT and ML course is having only one capstone project.


By any capstone project, I mean any of the Hands-on Projects from the training, where you can implement real-life scenarios to base your solution to the problem.

You can take reference from https://www.boltiot.com/projects as well, to build any of the projects that were built previously. The only catch is, your documentation has to be unique and creative with no plagiarism.

Let me know if you have any other queries.

Thank you for the confirmation.