About submission of capstone project

Is submission of capstone project compulsory for certification?

Submission of capstone project is not mandatory but you must do a project for obtaining certification


No;its just for learning; but a project and its video contains 40% weightage of the certification.


Submission of capstone project is not compulsary. But you need to submit a project while giving exam. You have to create account in www.hacker.io and place the link in the exam .The project must be different from the capstone project that you submit in the exam.You can use the www.hackers.io to make project and select one project from it.But that should be explained differently anything like just copying and pasting may reduce the marks.
For more information see the INSTRUCTION FOR PROJECT ON HACKERS.IO given at the bottom of the course content.:slightly_smiling_face:

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About Capstone project -

  • Building the capstone project that is mentioned course will help understand real word problems and how to provide customized IoT solutions to Industrial customers.
  • The Capstone project is for self-evaluation only and do not hold any marks for submission.
  • But still if you want to submit your Capstone project, then please follow below steps -
  1. To finish the capstone project you have to make a PDF document with all the photos and screenshots.
  2. All the photos and screenshots should be grouped as per the objective, and along with title as the objective for each one of them
  3. Submit it by emailing it support@boltiot.com with the subject line “Capstone project submission”.

** For certification - You need to submit a new project (not the capstone project), which will be your idea/design/creation of implementing IoT solution in real world using the techniques that you have learned in this course.


Capstone project is not madatory but if you certification you have to complete the project.
The project submission carries 22 marks. you can also get a Certificate of Excellence for your project if it is really good, and it contains 40% weightage.

submission of capstone project is for self evaluation and is not compulsory ,but you will have to submit a hackster project as a part of this programme.you can go on the the following link to have an idea of this project: Bolt IoT’s Hackster page

When we should submit capstone project

As soon as u complete all the prior videos of the course , you must complete the capstone project. It is not mandatory to submit it but I suggest you to try it as it will help you understand the concepts better

No the submission of capstone project is not compulsory for certification. But if you are planning to do it as your submission project than it necessary

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The capstone Project is Not Mandatory For Certification Test,After completing the Videos,You can buid that capstone project,it will help you to understand real world problems, it is not compulsary to submit capstone project.
For Certification test,You have to build A project using the Bolt Wifi Module,You can recreate the existing projects,but you have to do it on your own, you need to make its documentation and project,and submit is on www.hackster.io and you need to provide link of your project on hackster.io, for certification test.
hope this will help.