About the downloading of ubuntu server

does it take an hour to download the ubuntu server?

NO.May be its your network issue.It is not take long time for downloading.

but i have high speed network and also it has not installed. In virtual box when I try to install the server it doesn’t allow .

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Is your problem resolved? If not can you send a screenshot of the issue, so that I can help you with it?

previously it was showing

now it is showing

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Did you properly remove the OS from your machine using Virtual Box? Or did it stop showing by itself?

i did as shown in vido lectures

My dear, I am asking about what process did you go through to remove the ubuntu OS. Did you remove it by yourself, or it stopped showing on the left-hand side by itself.

when it shows error then I removed it and click the delete all files option
today I install 20.04 version but same problem is showing again now I am trying with 21.04 version.

  1. Update VM Virtual Box.
  2. Make sure all the settings are matched based on the configuration of your computer. (For low level PC, take less memory (RAM)).
  3. Never force close the Virtual box, always shut down the Virtual OS(ubuntu) and then close the VM.
  4. Make sure not to delete files from your computer manually.

For now, when you are creating a new Virtual machine use different name, and it will create a new folder for your OS.

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Use this video reference to install the virtual box.
I did get the same problem. You need to run the installation program again and it will repair the issues and then follow the settings described in this video. I did not face any problems after setting up this way.

I have already watched the video but in settings section the “ok” option is faded. and .below it is showing invalid device settings

I am in the latest updated version.

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tried running the installation program again to repair?

I want you to go to C:/Users/Hp/VirtualBox VMs and search for the folder ‘ubuntu’, then right click and open properties, then send a screenshot here.

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Okay. You can delete that folder manually. And redo the steps given in the module. Make sure, not to use more ram than required, your OS will crash otherwise. If you face the same issue as the first screenshot you sent, then click on details and send a screenshot here.

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okay. this is a very common issue. dont worry. all you need to do is do these following steps and you will be good to go.

  1. go to the file location where all your virtual boxes are stored. in your case C:/Users/Hp/VirtualBox VMs
  2. over there select ubuntu and press the delete button
  3. go to your recycle bin and delete the ubuntu folder permanently
  4. now ubuntu is completely erased from your computer so you may want to go to your downloads and check if the iso file of ubuntu is still there. if not you can download the ubuntu image from the link given in the lectures and follow the steps from there.

Do let me know if this was of any help to you.

Why are you making this so lengthy? :confused: Shift+Delete will do your first 3 steps.

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