About the downloading of ubuntu server

@akshayan.sinha I didn’t know that shortcut. Thanks for the shortcut.

no it does not you may be facing network issues thus having a slow speed connection

I have solved the problem. Well thanks for your concern.

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To use Ubuntu server you don’t have to download VM Virtual Machine, if you go through this way you have to take a lots of step to start Ubuntu on VM Software. So in place of that you can install Ubuntu from Microsoft Store and put the developer mode option “ON” on your device and install the Ubuntu Software. After that you will get an error like ‘Windows system for Linux has no Installed Distribution’. To resolve this error you will have to follow this link ’ How to Fix 'Windows Subsystem For Linux has no Installed Distributions' Error? - Appuals.com ’ and run the command " lxrun /install " in command prompt. Now the Ubuntu server will be ready to work. Now update the Ubuntu server using the command ‘sudo apt update’ and to install python3 ’ sudo apt install python3 '.Now you can do whatever you want to do.