About the ldr ptoject

I have done connections correctly but showing no hardware configuration.what to do?

I just did this project today. I followed all the instructions carefully. Help for troubleshooting -

  1. check your board again if both the LEDs are ON
  2. check if you have you created the product configuration correctly as shown in related video
    LDR: https://trainings.boltiot.com/courses/iotandml/lectures/6647196
  3. check both hardware and code configuration carefully
  4. check in hardware configuration if you have selected A0 Analog pin and gave it a variable name and pasted the same in the code too
  5. if you have done all above correctly but still this isn’t working then restart again and deploy configuration

Check your code line to line and hardware pin connections again.

Go to the products. Select the product created (light_monitor) in your case.

Then click on the “configure this product” button on the top right.

In configuration window -> Hardware. Check whether you have selected the pin to which the LDR is connected on BOLT to collect the data in LDR case A0. Select that pin.
On the right name the variable and ensure to use the same variable name in the code where we write up the code to plot the graph.

Once this is done ensure to save and exit and try deploying and check it again.


This error generally occurs when you have missed to “save” the hardware configurations while creating the product.

Please go to products, configure the product. Click on "Delete Configuration.
Wait for page to refresh. Save the product after selecting relevant pin and naming the same.

Please Do into the Products Tab on Bolt Cloud.
Then click the configure button
Then in the hardware section add the pin according to your project.
The problem would be solved.

I have done the project correctly. Thank you all for responsing.

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