About twilio set up

hello ,kindly upgrade the twilio set up because website interface has changed

Hey hello!!
No worries.soon it will be updated in the course.
Do follow the steps in the link provided to setup twilio account.
The link is attached below-

Hope this would help you.


its really very helpfull thank you so much

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Hi @anisur123sarji,

Thank you so much for your feedback. We will update the content soon.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

@janakiguduru444 Sir can you explain how tp make a call via twilio?

There will be an option called programmable voice.please try using that option.
Do let me know for further help.

@janakiguduru444 Yes sir, I checked but what should I write in the code in Linux terminal ie., what class should I import from bolt iot. We have written :from boltiot import Sms
Similarly what should I do. Pls help sir.

@janakiguduru444 @rahul.singh1
Sir, do you have any idea of the class which I should import while writing the code.Please reply asap since Iā€™m in need of that urgently.
Thank you

Try using Call in place of Sms

@janakiguduru444 Yes sir but its not working.Any other possible way?
It will be great if if I got the way.

@janakiguduru444 @rahul.singh1 Sir will there be any problem in attaching the screen recorded version of this video clip for more information in my project in hackster.io