About Twilio SMS service

I made temperature monituring system and use twilio service. But it get the following type error:

Please help to solve my error!!

@rakholiya085 I think Do not Disturb service is active on your device and due to this twilio can’t send you sms. After deactivating the service try again. I hope you’ll get the sms alert

But other messages are receive in my phone.


description of your error try to go through it but if you still get same error you can share your code

I had the same issue and I had resolved it. The source of this error is probably invalid conf.py file credentials. Make sure that the SID, AUTH_TOKEN, FROM_NUMBER, TO_NUMBER are correct. They are all strings and should be enclosed within a " "(including the phone numbers). In my case, SID was incorrect in conf.py. Just to remind, this is what your error means:
Your twilio account with sid : AC××××××××, doesn’t have the ‘json’ source package in ‘Messages’ folder. This will mostly be due to an sid that is invalid or doesn’t exist since json will most likely exist (by default) along with twilio apis linked to your Account.
However, even on resolving this error, you might run into other twilio problems including sms status being queued in the twilio dashboard and hence, texts not being received on your phone. You can search those threads here on the forum.

i too had the same issue while creating the a twilio, but within a hour i got the code , though there was a problem in networking ,

But my sid, auth token and mobile no. is correct still this error is generated.

I found this type error

But my no is verified.

Hey, your sid’s are different in the 2 pics you posted. In the first pic, your sid ends with ‘fal’ and in the second pic, the sid ends with ‘fa1’. Glad you corrected it.
Now, remember if your number is 98XXXXXXXXX, you should write it as : TO_NUMBER="+9198XXXXXXXX" in the conf.py file. The number is a string not an int. Be doubly sure it’s verified. Follow the link in the error message to re-verify the number. Try now.

You are using the different number for the twilio alert message…
try to put the same number from which you have registered in the twilio account
put the same number in configuration (conf.py) file
TO_NUMBER = ‘+91use the same number from which you have registered’

kindly send the screenshot of your code and do check the all credentials (whether correct or not) in configuration file(conf.py)
also check
TO_NUMBER = ‘+91use the same number from which you have registered in
twilio account’

You don’t have to use your registered number. I mean ofcourse the registered number is verified and can be used. But, once logged into your twilio account, you can authorise another phone number to receive twilio alerts of your account (this can be done under account settings/phone-number).
I verified & used three phone numbers to receive twilio sms’ simultaneously since some kind of network congestion always seem to occur on one or the other sim. This ensures that atleast one of the number receives the twilio texts if none of the other 2 numbers could.

HI! @rakholiya085
Even i got the same error.what i did is instead of importing configurations from the conf.py file passed all the arguments directly in code.It’ll definitely work.

I guess the issue is with virtual Ubuntu Os which we r using i tried the same code using Ubuntu Os on my PC and it worked perfectly.
Hope this will help you :slight_smile: