About ubuntu copy and paste

is there any other ways to copy and paste in ubuntu other than ctrl+shift+c/v and keyboard shortcuts? it is workstation 12 player

@sanikaliya28 Open the terminal and go to edit and then to keyboard shortcuts and so you can click on the copy and edit your new preferences…

where is the edit option, i am not able to find any

@sanikaliya28 you will see it when you open the terminal

do you have any screenshots? if there can you kindly send.

open the terminal first. go the page where u want to copy from. and copy the content , open the same terminal and just press crtl+v . the content will be copied to the location where cursor is placed

normal copy paste is not working. that is why ctrl+v doesnt work.


Please follow the sequence below:

1.select the section of data which you want to copy by using left click of the mouse.

2.Right click on the mouse where you want to paste the same content.

Check if this works out…Revert back to me…

Is there any other ways?

that is not working, is there any other way?

Please share photo of what you want to do for better understanding of your problem

the problem is that i cannot copy and paste in ubuntu. i have version 12 installed in windows 10

Normally the shortcut key for copy is “ctrl+c” and paste is “ctrl+shift+v”
Also you can add custom shortcuts in Linux/Ubuntu
Can you please mention the name of terminal app you are using now…
Default method: open terminal => preference/keyboard shortcuts