About Vm ware version

i do not found same vmare version 15.5.9,as shown in video,instead of that i got 15.5.6 version.beacause the given link in the course to download vm ware is not shown same page,which is shown in given video(about how to install vm ware) ,it shows different or many Vmware related applications.

that link shows this page with lists now,so how can i choose vmare,and this is not as same as given video on course

Its Not necessary to use the same version as shown in video you can use the latest version of VM ware to learn your course .you can download 15.5.6

as Aman said, the latest version might very form time to time, however if you don’t want that I have got alternative to Vm as well,
Now windows in providing linux platform on windows itself, you can download Ubuntu from Microsoft Store and you will get your bash terminal on windows and you will be good to go.
I have done all the projects in that manner.

Hope this was helpful, feel free to ask in case any doubt :slight_smile:

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Hi @swapnilbobe12 ,
To install vmware (Workstation 15.5.6) click this link-https://my.vmware.com/en/web/vmware/downloads/details?downloadGroup=PLAYER-1556&productId=800&rPId=47861

Install Ubuntu Server 20.04 from this link - https://ubuntu.com/download/server/thank-you?version=20.04&architecture=amd64

  1. Open VMware Workstation and click on “New Virtual Machine”.
  2. Select “Typical (recommended)” and click “Next”.
  3. Select “Installer disc image (ISO)”, click “Browse” to select the Ubuntu ISO file, click “Open” then “Next”.
  4. You have to type in “Full name”, “User name” that must only consist of lowercase and numbers then you must enter a password. After you finished, click “Next”.
  5. You can type in a different name in “Virtual machine name” or leave as is and select an appropriate location to store the virtual machine by clicking on “Browse” that is next to “Location” – you should place it in a drive/partition that has at least 5GB of free space. After you selected the location click “OK” then “Next”.
  6. In “Maximum disk size” per Ubuntu recommendations you should allocate at least 5GB – double is recommended to avoid running out of free space.
  7. Select “Store virtual disk as a single file” for optimum performance and click “Next”.
  8. Click on “Customize” and go to “Memory” to allocate more RAM – 1GB should suffice, but more is always better if you can spare from the installed RAM.
  9. Go to “Processors” and select the “Number of processors” that for a normal computer is 1 and “Number of cores per processor” that is 1 for single core, 2 for dual core, 4 for quad core and so on – this is to insure optimum performance of the virtual machine.
  10. Click “Close” then “Finish” to start the Ubuntu install process

Hope this works out for you…

try to download ubuntu from the microsoft store. Its easier to set up.

it’s done thank you to all of you👍