Access code and certificate

I have completed entire robotics course and when I click on certificate for robotics, the access control code is saying incorrect.
And also I have registered for iot and ml training but it is only saying that you have robotics

Hi @atharvakulkarni2017,

I have invited @shoeb.ahmed1 to help you out with this query.

@atharvakulkarni2017 Please send the coupon code that you are using to and they will help you out. Please do not post your access code on any public forum.


@atharvakulkarni2017 Please do not post your course access code on any public form. Please write to and they will help you out.

@atharvakulkarni2017 Please check if you are able to attempt the test now.

I have applied for iot and ml training but not got certificate

Sir would you solve my issue

@atharvakulkarni2017 The only record we have of your result is from the Roboworld course. Have you actually submitted your exam?

No sir I have applied and completed the iot and ml training course

I have applied for iot and ml training and completed the course and also given test but still now I have not got certificate

@atharvakulkarni2017 In that case, please share the access code you have used to and they will look into it.

ROBO-SRK-V1 is my access code

I checked against the name atharvakulkarni2017. However, I cannot see any IoT and ML order from you. Can you let me know the date on which you placed the order for IoT and ML training? It will also be helpful if you share your order ID? The order ID of IoT and ML training will start with #INDIA

There is one Robotics training order though for which I believe you have got the certificate.

@atharvakulkarni2017 There seems to have been an error from our end in the email. Please note that your order #India33267 is a Robotics training course and not the IoT and ML course. Please let me know if you have purchased the IoT and ML course from a different email ID also.

Sir it was told me at the time of taking robotics course that I have unlimited access but today when I tried to open the account it is saying you can’t access course anymore

Hi @atharvakulkarni2017,

As I can you have access to the robotics training. Please visit and login with your email atharvakulkarni******* and you will be able to access the Online Training on Robotics and Arduino training.

Also share the screenshot of the issue.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

Respected sir
I cannot take the test because it is saying that the course code doesn’t match

Hi @nandika062003 ,
Apologies for the delayed response. Please share your email id. I have taken this to the team and we’ll get back to you shortly.