Access code problem

I had mistakely requested for refund request, so i can’t access to the access code right now, please solve the issue, i did’nt get any refund because refund time limit is expired before 18 months.

@10nandeeshhu please wait for some time if you won’t get refund then your refund request will not be accepted. if you don’t get any reply from bolt then contact to


Your refund has been already transferred for order id “#India11573”.

The refund was done on 20th Dec 2019. Can you please check your bank details between 20th Dec 2019 to 5th Jan 2020?


Hello, thank you for your response,
I don’t known what’s going on,
Everything is fine before 20 days,
I have access to everything.
But from before some days, i had mistakenly click the refund button while checking my course details. That’s the thing only I known.
Daily I’m watching 2-3 classes (today also).

Date of purchase:19 July 2019
According to your record,
date of refund request: 20 December.

I didn’t get any refund in that time period,
I didn’t give any account details for refund,
I that period ( December 2020), I didn’t even open bolt iot website because of my university exams.

The thing that you should look into is, how could you accept refund request even after the 5 months of purchasing the course?
I didn’t return anything to your end, as usual I’m watching my lectures in boltiot platform.

I have make one project in January 2020 as by using bolt iot device.
(If you want, i will send you proof).

The only thing I have been facing is, I can’t getting access code.

I think it’s problem in your end,
I didn’t give any account details for refund, if you have any details about refund please let me know, please give me a account details given by me for refund request if you have.

Please, look into this matter, it’s my career question, I want to prepare for my placement, and am also preparing for the boltiot certification exam, so please solve this issue as soon as possible


We are looking into this and should be able to get back to you by friday regarding the same if not earlier.

@10nandeeshhu We have manually removed the refund request for the order for now on the training page. You should be able to view the access code and take the test.

@shoeb.ahmed1 thank you.