Access denied in putty even with correct password

I have installed putty software as per the instructions but as I enter my password which was send by email it is showing access denied

Please kindly help
I have entered the correct password . I copy paste it too

Hi @richal.pandey45,

  1. Login to your Digital Ocean dashboard and reset the root password. Check the image below.

  2. Now you will receive the new root password on your email.

  3. Copy the root password from your email to notepad

  4. Then try to login to your server using the putty. (password will not be visible while typing)

  5. Type the new password and you are done.

Hello, @rahul.singh1 why my access is denying multiple times even after the reset of root_password and changing it in console of putty.
Any mistakes i did in start i cant get it.
Help me out here.

Only reset the root password don’t change in console