Access denied to re-attempt online certification test

Hello !
I tried to give the online certification test a few minutes ago without success.
I got a denial because I attempted the test and failed it in 2019 when I first bought the hardware kit.
Now I have put in a lot of effort to complete it, unfortunately I am no longer able to give the test again.

Could you please give a me favor by providing me with a new coupon so I can access and take the test ? Please. Please help. Thanks in advance.

here is a screenshot —>

can you check this?

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Thanks a lot @yeshwant.naik … Be richly blessed.

@francoisgonothitoure The error shown on the screen is valid as you can only attempt the exam once only.
Since you want to try giving the exam again, I am not sure if that is possible. Could you please write to asking for a reattempt? Depending on what they say, we can give you a reattempt.

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Thanks a lot.
I am gonna do that.
I acknowledge that it is valid.
However, I am just begging for a favour to give me second chance. I hope you are able to help.
Thanks in advance.

@francoisgonothitoure I feel they would give you a second chance. However, I cannot say anything. Please write to and follow the instructions that they send.

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Thanks, @shoeb.ahmed1. I have already emailed them, just waiting for them revert back.
Thanks for your valuable support.