Access to course lectures

I have paid for the kit and I have received the confirmation mail regarding the same stating “You now have access to the course”. But when I clicked on the link it simply says that the code you entered had expired even though the course is active, despite of the fact that I have made the complete payment for the course and have paid for it. I also wrote a mail on the support id of bolt but I haven’t received any reply,so kindly help me get out of it.
you check this link and login.
This link will help you better.
Click on this link then click on enroll using your email id and password
if you don’t sign up then first you sign up then next time you access using log in

If once you had log in your account and access the course then after log out or in any other device if you want to access the course then you have not to submit the code that bolt iot have sent through the mail. instead of doing this you have to direct log in into your bolt iot amd ml account using your user id and password or using gmail account . you will access the course.
you can click on this link to direct access the course using your user id and password.