Account issue in Digital ocean

In whole tutorial we made 5 to 6 account from them this one account i have an issue kindly check the screenshot
and reply.
i have many objection but clear this me first and kindly share yours contact number so it will be easier for me to explain. aor give me $5 so i login to through Paypal

Important Note: This experiment requires that you use your Debit Card for creating a server. Although you will not be charged since you shall receive a $10 credit with the link provided below, you are to remember to cancel your subscription when nearing the end of the validity period to avoid being charged. This is a 3rd party service and Bolt IoT is not responsible if you are charged after the validity period in case you forget to cancel your subscription. but how should i get subscription if this happen. do you have any other plan or idea

Hi @Pablo_Shubhi,
We understand that Digital Ocean does not accept the credit/debit card from some customers, so as an option we have included steps on how to install a virtual machine further into the course.

Please go through the course for the same.