Activity Diagram

I will be happy to receive an activity Diagram of what’s happening while an Bolt API call is made.
If a diagram if not available please give a reply putting arrows in between each step. Please try to include all the process.

Can you elaborate on this? An example of any other product offering the same service will be helpful.

@PPV Sir, I know that in genaral when an API call is made following things happen: app :point_right:bolt cloud :point_right:specific bolt device.
I wish to learn more on what are the things or layers that come in the area of “bolt cloud” section with the help of a block diagram or even using text with pointers. as shown above.

@arunkedu Noted. Let me see what we can do here.

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Is this what you are looking for?

And if you are asking for a flowchart on what bolt does with API, See something similar -

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@ppv thank you sir. I will be happy to receive as soon as possible at your convenience.

@akshayan.sinha bro, thank you for the efforts you have put in. These served a basic understanding for me. I wished to get a specific understanding in case of bolt iot… I will be happy if you could try to give an explanation on 2nd fig based on the bolt IoT.
Eagerly waiting for your reply.

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I don’t think any company will break down their API architecture, unless you work for them. All I can tell you is, we are using remote APIs to trigger the pins. Either take input or give output. (as HIGH and LOW)

In our case,
Remote APIs are requests to the webserver of cloud which is connected to your module. Now those requests are returned with responses to tell you if the status of the action.

Visit this URL -

Now see how the API and device ID was mentioned. This is what the server reads (UNIQUE TO EVERY COMPANY how they use API). We used it to connect with the bolt device with ID=BOLT9161541

Rest, If any of the instructor or the company staff is willing to share the information. Great for us!!

I recently had a talk in my telegram group- Techie’s Forum (Nerd Talks) on the same topic, it also includes a talk on hashing (extra) so I guess it will be fun for you to read. I am including the screenshots.

Annotation 2021-06-14 233434

Annotation 2021-06-14 233522

Annotation 2021-06-14 233547

Annotation 2021-06-14 233651

Annotation 2021-06-14 233819

If you have read it from start to end, then it might be easily understandable and exciting as Block Chain Technology behind cryptocurrencies uses similar concepts to build block chains. I hope it was helpful, feel free to ask if something from above bothers you.