Adding images inside product description (readme)section

I want to add schematic diagram of my project which I have made using fritzing software inside readme section. I have tried inserting image using img tag and from the insert image option available in the readme section. When I am trying to do so , the image cannot be displayed as you can see the given image. I have tried saving my image in my laptop and even inside Google drive and changed the settings to anyone with this link can view . still , it cannot be displayed. I think to upload the images like this, it should be present inside Google platform or whatever may be the reason. or shall I have to insert this image inside Google image search section ? I therefore request to suggest me some other possible way to insert my schematic diagram inside readme section.


The link you shared over there is accessible only to the drive. It opens up the Google drive an not directly the image.

We have shared a method to do this in the feature video on our social media handles. I shall share the link later.

Till then you can head over to upload your image there, and paste the link over there. (Google drive does not host images, it is a cloud storage, which is different from cloud hosting services)

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I will go ahead with this. Thankyou.

To embed video inside readme section, I have uploaded the video on YouTube using my google account but the video cannot be displayed. What can I do now?


Please refer to the Demonstration Video for ReadMe Feature.

ReadMe Feature

Let me know if you are still not able to view the video or have any more queries.

okay. Thankyou so much.