Advance Bolt Cloud Pro: Capstone Project

Dear Sir,
Do I need to record the capstone project or create any of my individual project and paste it as a link for the certification exam as it is included in the Instructions for the exam having said that, you have replied to one of the fellow student that no project needs to be submitted for the exam. Please clear this confusion. Thankyou.

@SiddharthBhandarkar The projects mentioned in the courses aren’t needed to be submitted. At the end before u are giving ur exam u are suppose to make a project using the boltiot iot module with any idea mentioned in the course but it shud include a modification which should be purely ur idea.

Do I need to submit that very project of mine in form of video/ it’s link? Because I did a project during my basic Bolt IoT certification and pasted it’s hackster link.

Link of technology is accepted but video also can fetch u goods marks @SiddharthBhandarkar