Advanced Bolt Cloud Pro- Intruder Detection

Dear Sir,
I was trying to execute the intruder alert system using the proximity sensor. I did the circuit connection as per the diagram shown in the course yet I am unable to get the results. Please guide.
Blue Wire: VCC to 5v
Purple Wire: Out to GPIO 1
Grey Wire: Gnd to Gnd
Data collection type is set to Trigger

Hi @SiddharthBhandarkar,

Please share the screenshot of your code and screenshot of the output so that we can resolve the issue.

Sir, I am incurring blank graph as per the screenshot of the graph posted.

Hi @SiddharthBhandarkar,

Your code seems fine to me. Click on the Download data button and check if it is showing data points in the CSV file.

Please find the attachment
Screenshot 2020-11-04 164352

Could firmware be the problem as it reads:
WARNING: The trigger feature requires device with firmware version 1.3.0 or later.

Sir, the problem is solved. Did no changes seems there was some network glitch. Thankyou for your help.