Advanced Bolt Pro- intruder alert project

@pavanesleeba Its still not resolved…

Hi @swethatsunil.mec,

Can you share the screenshot of your output and screenshot of hardware configuration. According to your logic value on pin 1 should be equal to 0.

Hi @swethatsunil.mec and @pavanesleeba,

Apology for the inconvenience, I just confirmed with the team and found out that the issue is from our side and it is resolved now.

Please test it again and check if it is working.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

@rahul.singh1 Thank you Sir its working. But I have got a doubt, I tried by entering pin 1 is equal to 0 and pin 1 is equal to 1, but in both cases it worked. How is this possible? Could you explain.

Hi @swethatsunil.mec,

Please share the screenshot of the data points so that we can further investigate this issue.

@rahul.singh1 Dear Sir,
The screenshot is as shown below:


We checked our Alert service, and it seems it had been down last week during the time you were doing your testing.

We have now corrected the issue and the alert service is working. Please test your system now.

Hi @swethatsunil.mec,

Is your issue resolved?

If you are still facing an issue, please test your system for push notification based alerts first, then switch over to SMS or email based notfication.

@vinayak.joshi Dear Sir,
I tried push notification, still getting alerts while setting pin 1 equal to 0 alert and pin 1 equal to 1 alert.

Hi @swethatsunil.mec,

Have you set up two alerts in your cloud dashboard?

Please check for the same.

Unlike products, each device can be assigned to multiple different alerts at the same time.

@vinayak.joshi Dear Sir,
I have linked only 1 alert to the device.

Hi @swethatsunil.mec,

How did you set the pin 1 to 0 and then to 1?

Were you using the proximity sensor? and what rate have you programmed the product data collection for?

@vinayak.joshi Yes sir, first I set alert for pin1 is equal to 0 and checked its working, later I changed the alert to pin 0 is equal to 1. I am using proximity sensor and I have selected trigger.

Hi @swethatsunil.mec,

I am a bit confused about what you have done. Are you telling me that you are changing the pin in the alert to test whether it is working?

Also, how did you set pin 1 equal to 0? What did you do physically to the circuit to get this output?

Hi @swethatsunil.mec,

Please share the following screenshots. This will help us better understand the issue.

  1. Go to the alerts page, and open up each alert (not configure), and take a screenshot of each alert that you have created, with the devices linked to the alert listed.
  2. Go to the configurations of each alert, take a screenshot of the configurations and share the same here.

@swethatsunil.mec: For example for my alerts dashboard I would add the following images. (I have only taken screenshots for 3 out of the 6 alerts that I have). I will need you to take 2 screenshots for each alert that you have created.

Dear Sir,
My doubts are cleared, its working fine now. Thank you.