Advantages of bolt

what are the advantages of bolt over arduino ?

we get a cloud storage for bolt,it is not available in arduino.
Bolt IOT is only related for IOT projects.
in arduino we need many libraries for using simple program but in bolt IOT we can done things easiely.

  • Bolt provides all services at one place where in arduino you cannot store data on cloud and bolt data can be obtained later and it is less prone to losses.
  • Bolt is IOT platform and Arduino is a general platform.
  • Bolt requires less libraries and Arduino requires many libraries and the codes are also lengthy for arduino when compared bolt.

then why is it used less now and also compare the scalability of arduino and bolt ?

For any connected system to function effectively the consumption has to be by the means of Human Interactions with it.

Bolt IoT is an IoT platform which acts as platform which can connect end users of the connected product which is built using Arduino platform which can ingest data to the Bolt IoT platform which can further process it for analytics, machine learning etc.,