After firmware update bolt wifi module gets disconnected

I setup my bolt device as per the instructions and it worked like a charm. Even the instructions send via the sample device control view worked and the led turned on and off . The tutorial in the end said to update the firmware and I did and after whenever I try to repeat the same process of turning on and off the led the stable green led just stops and the blue led blinks slowly and also the led doesn’t light up like before. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting through the cloud dashboard but that was also in vain . I also tried doing the light monitor project and the same thing kept on happening.

Hardware version - 2
Firmware version - 1.4.2

You can try again by connecting your bolt wifi module to bolt cloud and update it after that. Wait for some time after clicking the update button by closing the pop up window. You will receive a confirmation message regarding your update . And after that you can again open the pop up to check the update. Then, you can check the working of the modules. If you still face problem regarding the same you can contact the bolt service help center or can appeal for product replace.
Thank you.


If Your Bolt Iot Module Blue Light Is Blinking Slowly Then Connect It To Wifi Again As We Have Done Early While First Setup. Connect It To Wifi Again The Blue Light Speed Will Increase And Make Sure You Have Internet Connection To Your Wifi. If Your Internet Connection Is On Then Green Light Will Also Glow On Bolt IOT Module. Do This If You Have Problem After Update. When You Click On Update Just Close That Popup Your Bolt IOT Module Gets Restart And Its Updated. Then Click On Device Information You Will Get To Know That Your Bolt IOT Module Is Updated To Version 1.4.2.

Thank You