After Regeneration of API

I am having issues after generating new API.
After I generated new API my led_control circuit stopped working.
I deleted and remade the product and enabled the API but still the circuit is not functioning.
Please help me out.

Try setting up your device from beginning.
Try connecting the new device to your phone and later to your cloud

I tried doing this several times but still the circuit is not responding. @denvir.gama

Hey Sahil, just check that you have changed the API key in the code or not. If not, then change the older one with the new one.

According to the code we do not have to manually insert the code.
The code itself takes the API from the system.

No @sonaiyasahil10 , try entering the new API key manually because it the lectures, it is clearly mentioned that if you generate a new API key, you have to modify your code by replacing the old API key with the new one.