Agriculture based projects

can any one help me with agriculture based automated projects(IOT) as i have to do a project national level nxt week…

You can build a smart greenhouse system. For this you can connect your Bolt module and Cloud to different sensor for monitoring the air pressure, light intensity, humidity control, water and temperature for plants. Add the alert system and connect them to actuators for automation like controlling the heater, lights, opening the windows.

@chinnapreetham123 see the projects what we do for the farmers must at least help the farmers to overcome the bad times they had and the projects what we do should be of low cost so that the central government undertakes the project and implements the project.
The best idea is to see the problems faced by them and select any one of the problems and work on that nowadays we have heard about third party so make an IOT project such that the buyers like us have to get the message from farmers as soon as the crops are ready to harvest.
We may get n number of ideas but select the idea which would truly benefit the farmers.

Can you make it more specific…???

Take reference from the capstone project. Use multiple sensors as required. Set specifications for each of them like setting threshold values. Execute it. And for connecting actuators you need to use machine learning and involve hardware part.