Agriculture iot based project

Mera ko ek agriculture based project banana ha iot ke through to kuch bato ne kya banau…

Could you specify what you mean by an agriculture based project?
In my opinion,the light monitoring project is the best one for a beginner and it can be applied to agriculture as well.

@chiraggoel049 The topic that you have given is very vast. You can build various projects on agriculture for example, soil moisture monitoring, light monitoring, water pump control etc. among others.
You can consult various paper publication sites for more ideas.

yes!you vcan bulid agriculture based projects using IOT sensors like Plant Monitoring sysytem,Light monitoring system,Temaprature cvan also add sprinkling the pesticides using the IOT can sense the urea level in the IOT sensors.

Making an iot based automated agriculture system would be a great idea by using soil moisture sensor,controller and motors…Soil moisture sensor measures the moisture content .If it is low, the motors would pump the water automatically.Thus,the involvement of humans is less making it more reliable :slight_smile: