Already login the bolt cloud but still the lect are locked

@shreyamukkawar09 Frist check it once have you enrolled for the course, if you had then you may have received a mail for conformation of enrollment. Open it and try to login though that.


As mentioned in a couple of your earlier queries, the login for Bolt Cloud is different from the training page that you are referring.

Please visit follow the steps and watch demo video of how to access the training correctly.

If you have already enrolled than click on the green link (you’ll need to login) which is displayed in the above image you have sent.

Then enter the user ID and password.

If you have not enrolled in training then first enroll in training. If you have already enrolled in training then go to and go to your account, then go in the training tab. There you get Your training orders. In the order click the Go To Course button. You will be redirected to your course.