Alternative for digital ocean

I am facing the issue while downloading the VMware and virtual machine/virtual box software because my PC have a RAM of 2GB & they required RAM of 4 GB so…what is the solution for me plz tell as early as possible .

Go for Pycharm community IDE from Jetbrains instead of VMware. But One suggestion change the capacity of your RAM from 2GB to 4GB at-least, otherwise it will take lot of time to open the software.

Hi @sufiyankhan27689. Here is the Solution. I am recommending you to use the JetBrains Pycharm IDE software for the python code and it also used to write HTML code etc… After Downloading the software you have to run the following commands in Command Prompt(Run as a Administrator) inorder to download the BoltIot library file.

Type the following:

Step 1: Check Python is installed or not;
C:\WINDOWS\system32>python --version
Python 3.8.0

Step 2: Check Pip installed or not;
C:\WINDOWS\system32>pip --version
pip 19.3.1 from c:\program files\python38\lib\site-packages\pip (python 3.8)

Step 3: Install Pip;
curl -o

Type the Command:

Step 4: Install BoltIot Library file
pip install boltiot

You can copy the above commands and paste in Command Prompt. Hope Your problem is solved. This is the alternative way to Digital Ocean Droplet and also for the Ubuntu Server.


solution 1:

you can always use pycharm or any other IDE to create python programs.

Solution 2:

use digital ocean cloud platform or amazon aws cloud platform for creating your virtual machines. I would recommend digital ocean because it is very easy to understand.

Solution 3:

Your android phone is also a linux Device so you can just download termux and run your python code like any other linux machine.

Solution 4:

You can make a bootable Ubuntu persistent pendrive. Then you can directly boot your machine with that bootable linux pendrive and use it like it is installed in your base machine, this method will not affect your machine data.

These are the possibile alternates for virtual machines.

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