Alternative to Digital Ocean for Mac Users

What is an alternative to Digital Ocean for Mac Users? VMware and VirtualBox run only on Windows.


As you had mentioned above that you needed an alternative solution for virtual machine that supports the mac os.So, as a result these are the supporting virtual machines.

For Dual Boot refer this

Some more available VM’s refer this

installation procedure of virtual boxrefer this

installation of ubuntu server refer this
get your ubuntu server here

if this is not working.use raspberry pi for flashing it or else use Droplet of DO

I hope i had helped you to sorting the problem.THANK U!

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@prasad.mahalpure23 Most of the commands that you are executing in the training can be executed on the Terminal app of the Mac OS since the underlying OS is both the same i.e. Linux.

Otherwise, you can also install Vagrant on your Mac as an alternative.
Last option would be to use DigitalOcean’s services.