Always getting same Analog Value

I am interfacing an electret microphone (MAX4466) with the bolt wifi module.

When I get noise data from the mic using analogRead(), I am receiving a value of 1024 for all conditions.

But when the connect the same mic with an Arduino, I get my expected values.

Can anyone let me know, where the problem might be?

Hi @tejpunjraju8a,

What values do you get on your Arduino?

Are they above 200? If so than the output of your sensor gives a voltage above 1v.

While the Arduino has an analog input range of 0 to 5v which it converts to 0 to 1024, the Bolt WiFi module has an analog Input range of 0 to 1v, which it converts to 0 to 1024.

For all voltages above 1v, the Bolt WiFi module records 1024 as the value.

When use the mic with arduino I get values of 500-600 in normal conditions and 1024 for noisy/loud conditions.

Hi @tejpunjraju8a,

There you have it. If you get values above 200 using the Arduino, then the same will show up as 1024 for the Bolt Wifi module.

For your application, it is best to do the sensing using the Arduino and then send the data values to the Cloud via the Bolt WiFi module.

Here is an example on how this is done.

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