Am I eligible for this course?

Respected Boltians ,
I just wanted to ask that all of them who have joined any course with boltiot have their completed their Engineering

Because I haven’t
I’m a 10th standard school studying boy born in 2004

Do am I the only one from 10th in boltiot
Reply yours

And even check few of the things I have created

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no, it’s a skill oriented training not particular for any course or degree . One thing is needed i.e. “dedication” nothing else.

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What is your qualifications have you completed 10th standard

i am pursuing my btech 4th year.

actually according to me "Age doesn’t matters in learning "so, if you will learn this booming technology then you can be a prodigy .

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@blazerstorm97 Age is not a barrier in learning. You only need the will and determination to learn something. You will definitely be able to learn from this course as it is designed for beginners also.

Anybody can apply to this course.