Analog voltage range

the range for analog voltage in bolt device is 0V to 3.3V, then I want to know want is this value range of 0-255 that is used in analogWrite function?

Yes the range for bolt device is 0 V- 3.3 V.

To find the Value range of analogwrite() you have to use a simple formula
m = (y2-y1)/(x2-x1) = (255-0)/(3.3-0) = 77.27 V
77.27 V is the maximum range you can use in analogwrite() while using bolt device .

Explanation -
As you can see the above image It’s shown clearly about linearity of the voltages.

And by using above formula you can easily find out desired range.
you can also check this link for more clearification -

Thank you, i understood to calculate analog voltage.The equation is analogwrite value=77.27 x desired voltage.