Android Notification issue

I have setup alert for my bolt device. As of now option for Android push notification is set.
When the value of pin 0 is set to 1, then android push notification should be sent.
when i debugged, pin 0 is set to 1. But I am not getting push notification on my mobile. App version 1.10.7 is on my android mobile.

Please let me know if there is seperate setting which I need to do? Or is it something with data collection rate?

I am planning to buy pro subscription for email notification. So wanted to know if data collection rate for alert will be immediate?


@mishrasudhir1 Have you signed in to the Bolt app using the same email ID? And is the phone able to access the Internet?

Hi. Yes. My App was configured to same email Id. Because after that only I was able to link it with other product and alerts.
As of now, Email functionality is working fine. But App notification is still an issue.

Also for Email notification- I am getting content as
0 value of BOLT1117769 is 1. Trigger set for = 1.0 (Alongwith my custom message)

But this is not expected when I am sending mail to users, as first line makes no sense to them. Please let me know if it can be rectified as well.



@mishrasudhir1 Can you send a screenshot of the Alert setup?

Hey. Thanks Shoeb. Yesterday I had a discussion with Rahul, and he assisted me in solving the issue. Apologize that I did not intimate it earlier.

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