Anomaly detection error

I did not find en errors in the code.But whenever i run the code,it displays error while retreiving data and that the device does not exist

Hi,can you just show the code?

Hi @ypawar692, please make sure that your wifi module is turned on and connected to the bolt cloud. If this is okay, then make sure that the API key and Bolt id which you have included in the program are correct. If that is also correct make sure that all the sensors which you have used are connected securely in the correct port. Do let me know if this solves your problem.


@ypawar692 Please make sure that your indentation is correct. From the beginning of the second screenshot, you have started typing from the extreme left, but all of that is a part of the while loop. So please put the necessary tab space on each line from there. Please tell me if this solves your problem

Hi,It may be due to improper indentation.So I suggest you to try making another file and just copy paste the code given in the training as such and try running that.If it also show any error,confirm with your credentials again.I think this will be useful.Thank you